About Hands of Peace


Hands of Peace empowers American, Israeli and Palestinian youth to become agents of change.

Our Model

  • We believe the future depends on the leadership, education and actions of the next generation.
  • We believe global connections are learning connections.
  • We believe the way to create impactful and lasting change in society is through cultivating young leaders who are committed to serving their communities.
  • We believe in positive peace that goes beyond the absence of violence and builds constructive attitudes and systems that foster equality, freedom and justice.
  • We believe all people deserve self-determination and basic human rights.
  • We believe in the same freedoms for all, including freedom of expression, freedom from discrimination, freedom of movement, freedom from fear and violence, and freedom from oppression.
  • We believe the existing conditions among Israelis and Palestinians are unacceptable and there must be an urgent, non-violent end to occupation that leads to safety and security for all.

As an interfaith organization, we envision:

  • Growing a thriving network of young agents of change who are engaged global citizens; are compassionate advocates for improving the human condition; are resilient and resourceful, even in the face of adversity and challenge;  carry out their passions in constructive ways;  and lead with courage, empathy and intention to promote mutual understanding for the good of their communities.
  • Nurturing impactful leaders by developing critical thinking, conflict resolution and peacebuilding skills to create social change.
  • Serving as a hub for intercultural exchange and education, for a vibrant, international community.



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