About Our Organization

Who We Are

Neighborhood Youth Association empowers students to achieve 100% college placement and on-time high school graduation through mentoring, tutoring, and a holistic family approach to break cycles of poverty and vulnerability.

NYA’s flagship learning center is located in Venice, California, where the agency is marking 72 years of service to the Westside community. Serving Greater Los Angeles since the agency’s founding downtown in 1906, NYA looks forward to building on its 113 years of success.

What We Do

Helping at-risk youth achieve their personal best is the NYA’s primary mission.  NYA’s afterschool program provides underserved urban youth ages 6-18 with targeted, individualized academic support, leadership development, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) learning activities, creative writing and arts enrichment, college readiness along with mentoring and scholarships for college undergraduates.

To assist in the complexity of college placement, where in most cases this is the first time a family member is matriculating to college; the NYA employs a skilled college coordinator to guide each student through the process of applying to a variety of colleges including financial aid packages.

NYA’s Youth Leaders Academy is the program by which high-school seniors reach their goals of on-time graduation and 100% college placement. Through this program, Youth Leaders apply for private scholarships, including at least two provided annually by the Investors in Education. The Youth Leaders also serve as interns and volunteers with NYA’s elementary and middle schools students.

Why We Need Your Support  

These are challenging days and as with most, the NYA is experiencing the negative impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. Now more than ever financial support is needed to continue tutoring and mentoring our students during these unprecedented times.  NYA’s students and staff are meeting online via Zoom to complete tutoring assignments, apply for scholarships, and arranging support services including weekly food drives for NYA families hardest hit by unemployment.

The funds raised annually from the Investors in Education represent more than a third of NYA’s annual operating budget.  Your generous support allows us all to make a lasting impact – thank you!

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