About Our Organization

Seneca programs work to build and sustain families for the children who need them, and to prevent disruption at all costs by providing critical mental health support. The national average of adoptions remaining permanent is roughly 75%, which means 25% of children are returned to foster care due to a failed adoption.


With Seneca’s commitment to Unconditional Care – doing whatever it takes to support the success of kids and families – 100% of our adoptions in Orange County remain permanent!


The permanency of a child with either their biological or adoptive family can significantly be impacted by the overall mental health of the family. Even without the context of a global public health and economic crisis, many of the families Seneca serves are on the precipice of a crisis due to emotional trauma, abuse, neglect, or socioeconomic stressors. As the physical risks of COVID-19 decline, we believe the mental health crisis will continue. Seneca’s early intervention can change the trajectory for a child that has experienced trauma or been in the foster care system by building and sustaining families equipped for success. At a time when families are most fragile, as a community, we need to lean in.

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