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Family Services

  • Parent to Parent Support: Through Alpha you can be introduced to other parents who have walked the path you are on, leading to lifelong connections and practical support as you raise your child, teen, or adult with an intellectual or developmental disability. Our family support team is made up of parents who “have been there” and who have received specialized training in family support.  
  • System Navigation and Referrals: Assistance is available to help parents negotiate and navigate regional center, special education, and other systems that serve families and children with intellectual or developmental disabilities and other special needs. Most of these are free entitlement-based services.
  • Advocacy Services: Advocacy services are provided to help individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities receive the services they require and the benefits to which they are entitled. Generally, individuals and/or their parents, family members, or friends are encouraged and able to advocate successfully for their needs and interests. When individuals or those acting on their behalf are unsuccessful or in need of further knowledge or experience, Alpha may provide the individual and/or family advocacy services.

Youth Services 

Katie’s FUNd was established by the Janeway Family in July 2003.  It honors the determination and passion for life of Katie Janeway, a 14 year old with developmental disabilities who died tragically while attending camp in 2002. Katie’s FUNd provides social and recreational activities for teens and young adults through Teen Extreme and EXPO. 

Adult Services 

Alpha Adult Services is committed to supporting adults to lead active and fulfilling lives in their community. Alpha Resource Center provides a broad spectrum of day services for adults 22 years of age and older with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In both our adult day program and SlingShot Art Studio & Gallery, participants assist in the development of individualized services tailored to achieve his or her personal goals. Skill development is achieved through utilization of individual areas of interest. Activities promote participation and integration of individuals as contributing members of our community. Services may include skill development, support in employment, community access, effective living, personal and social enrichment, and arts and leisure activities.

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