Circle of Life Fundraiser

MARCH 21, 2021
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Virtual Circle of Life

Thank you for helping to make our event a complete success! If you missed it or just want to watch again please do! Scroll down, and remember it's never too late to donate and support Alpha Resource Center!

The Circle of Life is Alpha Resource Center's annual fundraiser. Most years, the Circle of Life is a midweek luncheon. However, due to the COIVD-19 pandemic, we have moved to an online format for 2021.

You'll still hear amazing stories about the work Alpha Resource Center does to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout Santa Barbara County.

Register today and don't miss the chance to learn how your financial giving makes it possible to support families, create opportunities, and foster belonging for the hundreds of people who utilize the services provided by Alpha.

Founded in 1953, Alpha Resource Center has been at the forefront of making the dreams and desires of people of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities become reality. From our early days of school-aged education, to our current family supports and adult programs, it's your partnership that makes all this happen within our Santa Barbara community.

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